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YOUR GOAL is to figure out the location of each daily picture!


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2. Winners and prizes will be announced on the famsterville blog and the facebook fan page within 24 hours.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Testing, testing, 1-2-3

Trudy hid motionless in a nearby crepe myrtle, hoping the spotted beast wouldn't look up!

I've set up my ebay account and am ready link this test photo to ebay.  Let's give it a try...

Click here to bid!


  1. The link worked for me-- I rarely will see this during the school day-- Just had a moment and deccided to see if blogspot was accessible or blocked from district sites... as you see, it's not!

  2. Thanks, Sissy - you've been a great help! Did you try the famsterville fan page yet?

  3. Looks like a west greenville back yard to me!

  4. You bet - its mine! If this were the real deal - you'd have just won a free famster because Zoli is in the pic. (You may just get a reward anyway!)
    Thanks for checking out my blog...

  5. CUTE!!! I just have to say it's a darn good thing Trudy managed to hide from that most ferocious of beasts, Zoli. And she was fortunate that the evil kitty, Itty, wasn't up in that tree. :)

  6. Um, are roomates aloud to guess (note: I saw you take this pic)?

  7. Are you on Etsy? Might get a bigger following there than eBay...I don't know. Anyway...it's a cute idea!

  8. I've tried etsy and it didn't go so well. Maybe I'll give it another try. Does Etsy have an "auction" function? Thanks for the encouragement and idea.

    Roommates - hmmm - I owe THEM a lot - I'll think on it!!!