365 famsters, 365 days, 365 places - beginning March 1, 2010
YOUR GOAL is to figure out the location of each daily picture!


1. Be the first to enter the correct location by using the comment function of this blog,
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2. Winners and prizes will be announced on the famsterville blog and the facebook fan page within 24 hours.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A famster named CASSANDRA

Famster CASSANDRA love the hospitality she receives from person Cassandra. She feasts on top notch service and REAL macaroni and cheese! (Where is this wild west end restaurant?)

She's looking for a good home, preferably one with turkey and dressing on Tuesdays.

Cassandra can't believe in only two weeks she's going to the Indie Craft Parade. Come see here there (along with the mega famster in the sky). 

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