365 famsters, 365 days, 365 places - beginning March 1, 2010
YOUR GOAL is to figure out the location of each daily picture!


1. Be the first to enter the correct location by using the comment function of this blog,
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2. Winners and prizes will be announced on the famsterville blog and the facebook fan page within 24 hours.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A famster named JACSKSON

From this angle its hard to tell if JACKSON ordered the short stack or the tall stack.
(This one is tricky...where is he?)

He's looking for a good home, preferably one that serves breakfast at night.

If you're interested in purchasing Jackson, he's hanging out in my studio.
Please call to make an appointment to see him (864-607-8200).


  1. with that much syrup it's bound to be IHOP?! oh, but which one? wade hampton??

  2. Partial right guess, but not the one of WADE HAMPTON. You could never tell by the picture though, so I'll give you a point. Well done!

  3. yaaay!! brownie point!! er uhm, "pancake point"? ;)