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Friday, March 12, 2010

A special famster named RUBY!

Today's famster is in honor of Ruby Groover!
She's a real live, itty-bitty girl who was diagnosed with a rare heart defect called Truncus Arteriosus in January.  She has already gone through one open-heart surgery to start fixing it, but probably has more ahead.  Visit the facebook event page called - All For Ruby - to find out more details.

Tomorrow night (3/13 - 7:00 pm) at Downtown Presbyterian Church, a fundraising silent auction and concert will be held on her behalf - all money will be donated for Ruby's ongoing medical bills.  Famster Ruby is part of this auction.  (Personally, I'd love to see her go for mega $$$).  Please follow the link to ebay and give a bid!

The amazing singer-songwriter, Will Gibbs will provide music as well as the uber-talented, Eric Barnhart playing jazz piano.  Tickets are only $5 for adults (18 and up), and children are free!  Famster Ruby and I would absolutely love to see you there!

Ruby began traveling at an early age!
(Where is she - today's winner gets a prize!)


  1. Greenville Hospital registration area off the lobby?

  2. that is soooooooo sweet of you kyle for making a famster after ruby!
    Megan M